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  • It’s Not an RO – It’s a LINX Drinking Water System

Less Waste

High Efficiency LINX Drinking Water Systems save water, save money, and save time.

Cleaner & Healthier

LINX Technology provides three layers of protection when filtering contaminants from your water.

Better Tasting

LINX Dial-A-Taste® let’s you decide how your water tastes!

The LINX Drinking Water Systems Product Line

Pionetics’ line of High Efficiency (HE) water coolers and drinking water systems represent the most technologically advanced water treatment systems available today. The primary difference between our water filters is the size of the unit, but regardless of which water filtration system you choose, you can be assured that with a LINX Drinking Water System, you are making the most environmentally responsible choice. LINX 140 Drinking Water System – The HE LINX 140 system, featuring LINX TDS reduction technology and proprietary ion exchange process, brings you a water filter that delivers practically unlimited water, Dial-A-Taste® Control, easy-to-use programmable software and display indicator lights, and an exceptional warranty – all while reducing water waste (as compared to a reverse osmosis system) by up to 90%! LINX 160 Drinking Water System – Our most compact and affordable model, the LINX 160 system is small enough to fit under nearly any kitchen sink and within any budget. The LINX 160 drinking water system produces an ample 25-40 gallons of water a day, refilling the tank much faster than an RO. While the LINX 160 is smaller, it still offers the same quality performance and features as the LINX 140. Click here to see a video of how this system works. LINX Bottleless Water Cooler – The High Efficiency LINX Bottleless Water Cooler is the definition of simplicity and quality. Unlike old-fashioned water coolers, the LINX system employs cutting-edge ion exchange process that uses electricity rather than chemicals for operation. This allows the LINX Bottleless Water Cooler to clean itself through a regeneration process, saving you the stress of storing and exchanging those enormous water bottles. LINX technology does not release chemicals into the environment and it conserves water compared to traditional reverse osmosis drinking water systems that provide similar water quality.

All of the LINX Drinking Water Systems, include these patented features:

    • Dial-A-Taste® control – This feature allows consumers to control the level of mineral content in their water – effectively being able to dial in their water taste preferences. LINX 140 and LINX 160 systems also feature a new, easy-to-use dial.
    • All of our systems employ ion regeneration, a unique cleaning process that maintains the quality of your drinking water and automatically cleans your cartridges meaning you don’t have to worry about the quality of your water or use harsh chemicals.
  • Best of all, LINX systems guarantee significantly less water waste than Reverse Osmosis (RO) – see our video Insane Water Waste. Water savings of more than 90% on your filtered drinking water compared to traditional reverse osmosis filters used under typical household conditions. To read an independent study on the LINX systems’ water conservation abilities, click here.

Can You Guess Which Home Appliance Wastes The Most Water?

Water savings starts at home, and it can be a lot easier than you may think! On average, a household spends as mush as $500 per year on its water expenses but according to the EPA, about $170 could be saved by incorporating simple water-saving practices into your daily routine. Many consumers are aware water can be saved by switching to a WaterSense labeled toilet or faucet. In fact, homeowners will use 20% less water while showering simply by swapping out their old shower head for a water efficient version. With all the water using appliances in you home though, do you know which appliance is actually wasting the most water?

Click on the image to the right for the answer

Drought Report

To most of our clients, drought doesn’t necessarily look like the 1930’s Dust Bowl where crops refused to grow and huge clouds of dust formed on the horizon. Today, it comes to us in the form of municipal water usage restrictions, legislative negotiations over water rights, and the very real concern that there simply won’t be enough potable drinking water for our growing population. Considering the current drought report it is disturbing to think how unconcerned the industry seems to be with Point Of Use (POU) water waste. In order to help build awareness of this issue, Pionetics brought LINX Drinking Water Systems to Greenbuild 2014 in The Big Easy. Greenbuild is a premier annual event for sustainable products featuring environmentally-charged speakers, unmatched networking opportunities, LEED workshops and tours of green buildings. Greenbuild offered LINX Systems a place for thousands to gather and learn about POU water waste. In our commitment to protect and conserve our water resources, we bring you the latest Drought Report. To view the most recent United States Drought Monitor, click here. To learn more about recent water shortage events, view our Drought Report here.

Click the map below to see the nations Interactive Drought Monitor

Drought Map

News from the LINX Blog

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Traces of Cocaine Found in Ontario Drinking Water

You never really know what you’ll find in drinking water these days, but cocaine? That is not something anyone drinking water contaminationwants to hear. According to an article from CBS News Toronto, a new study says drinking water in parts of southern Ontario…  

LINX® Reduces POU Water Waste

There is no doubt that the drought here in California has affected our lives over the last few years. Living through the water wastersdriest years in California history, conserving water however we can and watching our lakes and rivers dry up a little more each day has made all residents eager…  

And the Drought Continues…

At this point in the game, all water conservation ideas and initiatives are being taken seriously by California’s legislative officials and conservation experts. As consumers brace for yet a lengthened period of drought, conserving water…  

Sub-Zero Has Met Its Match

The LINX Drinking Water System and Sub-Zero is a match as cool and classy as Bogart and Bacall. If you have already made the investment to purchase a Sub-Zero refrigerator then it’s evident that you value luxury, quality and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. These high-end refrigerators…