Water Technology Online Features Jessen’s Demand for Progress

Water Technology Online, the leading authority for the residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal water treatment professionals, recently featured an article written by H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics® Corporation. Jessen writes a rebuke of the stagnancy of the water treatment industry in this feature article published this month entitled, Infusing technology into the drinking water industry’s future .

According to Jessen, water treatment is stuck in the 1970s using technology equivalent to cassette tapes and rotary telephones; while the rest of the technological world has bounded ahead. Jessen explains, “My objective is to help professionals to think and act differently – with the ultimate goal of helping the industry to become more environmentally responsible and technologically advanced.”

While tried-and-true methods like self-regenerating water softeners and under-sink reverse osmosis systems do accomplish the job for which they were designed, they also create other problems that in turn have to be rectified, such as dumping large amounts of salt into the wastewater or flushing inconceivable amounts of unused water down the drain. Jessen challenges water treatment professionals to think ahead – find solutions that meet their customers’ needs, without destroying the environment. The technology exists, but has not yet been embraced.

According to Jessen, “Pionetics was founded on the principals of realizing a better way to treat water. In our constant drive to improve, we have created the LINX® Drinking Water Systems. They are technologically advanced and ecologically superior to reverse osmosis. No other drinking water systems allow installers to customize system performance based upon feedwater quality and customer preference.”

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