Blog > Water Quality after the Wildfires

Wildfires ravaged many regions throughout eight states this summer and so many residents have been at risk. Besides losing homes, structures, land, aquatic animals and living with threats of mudslides and flooding post wildfires, many people are also concerned about the quality of drinking water after a wildfire is finally put to rest. If the land around so many residents has been devastated, how is the quality of tap water going to be and what contaminants should residents be worried about? Without a home water filter, there are definite concerns about the quality of drinking water immediately after a wildfire – and even years down the road, too. According to experts who have looked at this topic in the past, large fires burning close to communities and water sources, water treatment facilities need to pay close attention to drinking water contamination in the short-term and long-term as well. After the 2010 Fourmile Canyon fire in Colorado, researchers found a marginal increase of contaminants in the community’s water sources. Researchers then recorded large spikes in contaminants as heavy rain months later pulled in residue from the fire. After the 2003 Lost Creek Fire in southern British Columbia, researchers recorded high levels of phosphorus in sediment in the water, which can lead to toxic algae blooms. None of these types of situations are safe and residents, especially private well owners, are encouraged to install a home drinking water system to filter dangerous contaminants from a wildfire’s effects. Besides the large amounts of suspended and dissolved material can get dragged into downstream water supplies, there are also changes in the physical and chemical properties of surface waters. As one may expect, the communities most vulnerable to disruptions to their drinking water will be those whose water supply passes through the forest in an area of high fire risk. If you’re concerned about a wildfire burning close to your home, or your community has been impacted by a close wildfire in the past, installing a home drinking water system with our advanced water filtration technology could help preserve the quality and purity of your drinking water. Our water filters can remove phosphorus, nitrates, parasites and many other chemicals or drinking water contaminants that could pose a threat to your family’s health and well-being. Contact our water treatment company today and learn more about which models of drinking water systems could benefit your household and protect your drinking water after a wildfire is finally put out. Stay safe and we look forward to sharing how we can help with your community and your household’s healing.