Blog > The Answer to Water Conservation?

Water conservation is at the forefront of the water crisis in California; with the record breaking drought continuing, and no end in sight, water conservation has become essential. With water supplies rapidly dwindling and state legislators frantically seeking new sources of water, there is one area that has been often overlooked – water leaks. Not just water leaks in residential homes, but in the California water infrastructure as a whole. Could this be the answer to the water conservation issue? The San Jose Mercury News reported that after analysis of state records, they found that California’s Bay Area has been losing around 23 BILLION gallons of water every year – mostly attributed to leaks and broken pipes. That amount alone would be able to provide enough water to over 70,000 families for a whole year! No low flow shower head or toilet will ever be able to account for that amount of water conservation. The Bay Area isn’t the only location in California that is experiencing these kinds of record leaks either. The California Urban Water Conservation Council reported that the city of Sacramento was losing 135 gallons of water per service connection – per day. The statewide average loss was 49 gallons per connection per day. In another city, the leak in their city pool caused them to lose over 6,000 gallons of water every day. A water main break in Los Angeles was behind 20 million gallons of water lost. These leakages add up! The problem is that in order for California to update its water infrastructure, it would require around $39 billion dollars over the next two decades. In the meantime, however, installing leak detection systems, pressure management systems and fixing leaks when they appear could go a long ways toward better water conservation. While it is true that homeowners can only do only so much to conserve water, it is still important to make sure they are doing their part to help this situation. Be on the lookout for leaks around the home; from toilets and sinks to water heaters, leaks can spring up just about anywhere. Frequent monitoring of your water meter along with visual inspection of your home’s plumbing could prevent water being lost from leaking. Of course, installing high efficiency appliances and water saving fixtures could make a significant impact as well. You can check out our high efficiency water filtration system at