Installation: Easy as 1, 2 & 3

Step 1 – Request a Customized Quote

Call or fill out our Request a Quote form to arrange for an authorized dealer to test your water quality and determine your installation requirements.

All authorized LINX water dealers are carefully selected for their quality of service and experience working with clients like you. While the dealer will have a good sense of the characteristics of your municipal water, every home or place of business is different, so it’s important to understand what your particular needs are.

Are you interested in a high efficiency, under the sink LINX 160 Water Filter, the LINX 140T Water Filter or a LINX Cooler Module?
Is the LINX filter replacing a Reverse Osmosis unit?
Do you have an Insinkerator or dish washer?
Do you need to run a feed line from your LINX Water System to your refrigerator?
Where do you want your spigot located?

Once the authorized LINX dealer has determined your needs you will be provided with an installation quote and an appointment will be made to install the unit.

Step 2 – Installation

Once your water conditions have been tested and an ideal location identified for your LINX water system the authorized dealer will install the unit of your choice, including the water storage tank and spigot for the LINX 160 Water Filter or the LINX 140 Water Filter along with any necessary feed lines.

Typically installation takes less than one hour, even less if you are replacing a Reverse Osmosis unit. Once the LINX Water System has been installed it will be necessary to run a one time Conditioning Rinse for approximately one hour to insure you enjoy the maximum benefits from your LINX Water System.

Step 3 – Set and Forget

The technology that underlies every high efficiency LINX water system allows your authorized dealer to adjust your LINX water system to the unique qualities of your municipal water source. Once the settings have been made you can then determine the level of mineral content filtered out of you drinking water via the LINX System’s patented “Dial-A-Taste” settings. Click here for more details.

Your authorized LINX dealer will set your water filter or cooler to alert you when the filters need replacing. And if you have any questions you can either refer to the FAQs section of this website or simply contact us via telephone or our Questions and Comments form.

And relax every LINX water system installed by an authorized dealer comes with its own Limited Life Time Warranty, find out more.