Blog > Saving Water This Summer Made Easy

Emergency drought conditions are still persisting throughout California over the last four years at record-breaking levels and Californians need to conserve water now more than ever. Water conservation starts in homes and with you. The choices that we as consumers make today will affect the future of our water tomorrow. From where, when or how much water we use to the drinking water systems and water filters we invest in, each decision is vital to saving as much water as we can today and tomorrow alike. There are several ways that you as a consumer can save water. Five of the easiest and most impactful ways include:
  • Think about your toilet more often. If you replace a traditional non-efficient toilet with an ULFT, you can save 38 gallons a day, adding up to 19,000 gallons per year. The savings multiply if you replace more than one toilet in your house. A leaky toilet wastes a lot of water over time. Fix running toilets or leaks immediately to conserve more water.
  • A drought-tolerant or water-wise landscape is one that allows for a beautiful healthy landscape with drought-tolerant, often native, plants, minimal supplemental irrigation and little to no adverse runoff. We know people need to water their plants and gardens. One good way to do this is first, to water at the proper time of day. Second, put a bucket in the shower to collect runoff and use that to water plants and flowers.
  • Use mulch wherever possible. A good mulch conserves water by significantly reducing moisture evaporation from the soil. Mulch also reduces weed populations, prevents soil compaction and keeps soil temperatures more moderate.
  • Fixing household leaks can save up to 20 gallons of water per day. That is a lot of water that could be used in other ways!
  • Cut your shower time down. If you can limit your shower to around 5 minutes, you could save several gallons of water each day, also good to use for something else.
Cutting water use inside and outside our homes is really important. With severe drought conditions still affecting the majority of our state, communities in every county in this state and region are looking for ways to save water and minimize use. Traditional RO systems waste a lot of water. If you have an older model, it is time to consider the benefits of LINX® technology where you could waste up to 90% less water than other models. Choose a drinking water system that you know is good for conserving water and support all of our efforts in water conservation today and each day forward. Contact us today to learn which drinking water system would be best for your household.