Providing great tasting, eco-friendly drinking water for their homes is a priority for many of our customers, however, LINX technology has the ability to go beyond the kitchen sink and the water cooler. High Efficiency LINX technology has proven itself invaluable in many commercial and industrial applications as well.

coffeeConsidering the purity of the water, as well as the patented Dial-A-Taste® Control, LINX technology is particularly valuable in restaurants and coffee shops where there is need for an unlimited supply of filtered drinking water. The difference it makes in the taste of coffee and even soft drinks is remarkable.

One recent example of this, Terry Yarwick, President of Fresh Cup Coffee & Water Systems in El Cajon, CA was looking for a system that provided healthy, filtered water without all the waste of a typical Reverse Osmosis system and without the delay of waiting for an RO system to regenerate; the LINX System was able to provide exactly this and more.

Another common use of LINX Technology is in hospitals, labs and manufacturing facilities where water purity and low total dissolved solids (TDS) is crucial. The LINX TDS Cartridge utilizes a revolutionary ion exchange process that reduces TDS such as nitrates, lead, copper and arsenic. A major benefit of large facilities using this technology is the cost savings associated with less water waste, it cost less to use and is ecologically sound.

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LH Brubaker Appliances and Water Conditioning in Pennsylvania, found another great opportunity utilizing the LINX technology. They discovered that when selling upscale refrigerators such as Sub Zero and Electrolux, the LINX technology proved to be the system of choice due to its superior flow rate. Not only does the water from the refrigerator taste incredible, the ice it produces is crystal clear without any contaminants to destroy its appearance or taste.

The LINX technology is amazingly versatile to fit your application as well; last year Woongjiin Coway, South Korea’s leading manufacturer of home wellness appliances, integrated the technology into their Da Vinci Water Purifier. After working with Coway for several years, developing, testing and perfecting the method in which they utilized the LINX technology, their new Da Vinci product line is complete and currently being marketed in Korea. This collaboration demonstrates the versatility of the LINX technology and will hopefully inspire other companies to explore ways in which they can integrate and improve their own product line utilizing cutting edge water filtration from LINX technology.