LINX Drinking Water System Innovation

1. Water is filtered by the LINX Pre-Sediment Filter, designed to reduce the turbidity or cloudiness of your water caused by suspended solids.

2. The LINX TDS Cartridge utilizes a revolutionary ion exchange process that uses electricity rather than chemicals to remove total dissolved solids (TDS) such as nitrates, nitrites, lead, copper and arsenic. Watch the video below to see how this system works.

For a complete list of total dissolved solids removed by the LINX Drinking Water System, click here.

3. The LINX System uses a carbon filter which is an effective medium for reducing volatile organic compounds such as chlorine and benzene as well as petroleum-based products.

4. The LINX System offers an optional UV or Ultra filter for purifier benefits.

LINX provides four layers of protection when it comes to filtering contaminants from your water.

High Efficiency LINX Drinking Water Systems provides four layers of protection. The LINX water treatment system protects you and your family against contaminants found in your feedwater.

LINX Drinking Water System

Innovation – LINX TDS Catridge

At the heart of LINX Innovation resides the LINX TDS cartridge designed for faster flow rates and superior total dissolved solid reduction.

LINX TDS Catridge

The TDS Cartridge is where LINX Technology’s revolutionary ion exchange process takes place. Powered by electrodes that charge the water and enhance the exchange of ions, the TDS Cartridge produces no harmful residue.

Automatic Cleaning

By reversing the polarity of the electrodes the LINX TDS Cartridge is able to flush the harmful ions out from its sheets and directly down the drain, a process that takes place after 1-3 gallons of filtered water have been produced (based upon LINX model and dial-a-taste settings). A single red diode on the front of the unit will begin to flash signaling the automatic regeneration has begun.

The TDS Cartridge has a better flow rates and a more efficient water filtration process due to its unique design of the cation and anion sheets that are layered around the inner core of the cartridge, making it an ideal companion for your ice dispenser.

Designed to allow water to easily pass through the sheets, like it does a fish’s gills, the TDS Cartridge requires over 29 times less water than a traditional reverse osmosis filter used under normal working conditions. Click here for more details.

LINX technology is backed by over 50 patents and more than ten years of research and represents the greatest innovation in water filtration in the past 60 years.

Innovation – ION Exchange

The HE LINX Drinking Water Systems employ an ion exchange process that uses electricity rather than chemicals for operation. LINX technology does not release chemicals into the environment and it conserves water compared to other drinking water systems that provide similar water quality.

Visit our YouTube Channel to see a video on how this process works.

LINX Filtration System

As water contaminated with dissolved solids such as nitrates or chlorine pass over the cationic and anionic layers the negative electrodes help draw out the positive nitrates while the positive electrode draws out the negatively charged chlorine ions. These ions pulled from the water are exchanged with negative Hydroxide ions residing in the cationic layer and positive Hydrogen ions found in the anionic layer. These healthy ions replace the more harmful ions providing you with clean healthy water.

Innovation – Intelligence

Field Service Assistant (FSA)

LINX Systems Keep You Informed

LINX products employ programmable software that controls how it works and allows performance to be optimized based upon feedwater quality and product water preference. This is what allows you to dial the taste, keeps track of how much water is produced, and tells you when it is time to service the unit and replace cartridges etc.

Each unit has a series of LED lights that tell you what function the LINX Drinking System is performing: when the system is producing filtered water, when the unit is going through its regeneration process or if any component parts such as the TDS Cartridge, or filters need replacing.

LINX Leak Detector

LINX systems have a built in leak detector that shuts down the system if it senses a leak. The system will also issue an audible alarm to alert the home or business owner. (In addition, you can plug in remote leak detectors that will also issue an alarm through the LINX 160 system.)

LINX Field Service Assistant

The Field Service Assistant (FSA) is a hand held device that is used for a number of functions that helps optimize LINX system performance. It provides the technician with a complete system diagnosis and IF service is needed, walks the technician through the step-by-step service process.

The FSA also is used by the installer to program feedwater TDS to optimize performance and recovery.

Cleans Automatically

Each LINX water treatment system is built with a regeneration process that reverses the polarity of the electrodes and flushes out the unwanted ions straight to the drain.


TDS Catridge

With ion exchange that uses electricity rather than chemicals making it cleaner and more efficient. Read more …


Ion Exchange

The ions from the harmful contaminants dissolved in the water are attracted to the ionic sheet and exchanged with hydrogen and oxygen ions, thereby restoring the water. Read more …


LINX Intelligence

The LINX Drinking Water System monitors its own performance letting you authorized dealer know when its filters need replacing. Read more …