Each of the High Efficiency (HE) LINX Drinking Water Systems (Water Filters and Water Coolers) are available for lease or purchase for your home or office.

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Nothing is more essential to your health than clean refreshing water. LINX Technology provides you with three water systems; the LINX 160 ideal for Home and Office, the LINX 140T under the sink drinking water system ideal for high volume applications, and the LINX Cooler Modules. All LINX products provide healthy NSF and WQA certified filtered water for your home or office without the waste and inconvenience of bottled water. The patented LINX Drinking Water System will save you more than ten times the amount of water you would waste using a conventional reverse osmosis filter, plus it will let you adjust the amount of mineral content to your own specifications and alert you when the system needs service or the filters need changing.

All LINX dealers are fully certified and LINX Technology is carried by some of the oldest and most trusted names in the business such as Rayne Water and Culligan. Founded in 2002 LINX is now sold around the world and with the LINX Limited Life Time warranty you can rest assured your system will be taken care of. Order your LINX Drinking Water System today.