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Even with the excitement and hope that El Niño is bringing the chance for some rain that we POU-info[1]desperately need right now during this long-lasting drought, many people are wasting water unknowingly right in their own homes. According to the EPA, point of use (POU) water waste accounts for billions of dollars worth of water wasted water each year and during a drought like that in California, this is unacceptable. Homeowners are recommended to take a look at their POU water appliances and drinking water systems to check for leaks and wasteful habits that could be costing our communities water waste unintentionally. The annual waste totals can be affected by simple and necessary routines like showering, for example, which accounts for 17% of the residential indoor water use, adding up to over 14,000 gallons of water per year, for the average family. Our graphic shows other water waste systems indoors, especially your reverse osmosis system. The California lifestyle has been changing throughout the years that the drought here has been persisting. Many residents have been compliant with new restrictions and have tried to conserve water within their home and yards, but don’t know exactly how to do this any more effectively than the obvious things. While there are many tips and habits that we can all do, POU systems are wasting a lot of water. Our drinking water systems with LINX® technology waste up to 90% less water than traditional reverse osmosis  systems and are the perfect way to reduce water waste indoors. At the same time, you’ll enjoy safe, high-quality drinking water like never before. Now is the time to keep saving. Don’t give up on your family’s efforts to conserve water. Responsible water use and reducing water waste are essential right now. California has recorded the 4 driest years ever and climate change may provide more rain, but less snowpack which is the biggest influence on our water supplies and reserves. At one point, Governor Brown declared a statewide drought emergency and asked all Californians to reduce their water use by 20 percent. Have you been able to accomplish this? With a water filter or home drinking water system from our product listing, you’ll be well on your way!