Our Partners

Rayne Water Corporation

Rayne Water Corp. has been a leader in water conditioning equipment since 1928, offering the best in water softeners, drinking water systems, portable soft water exchange tank service, water coolers and water conditioners for both residential and commercial applications. Rayne’s 60 Authorized Dealers uphold the highest principles of honesty, integrity, and professionalism and their products all receive the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal for exceptionally high standards. Rayne Water Conditioning’s educational service, the Water Spots Blog, helps customers stay informed about the water they use in their homes. The blog includes the latest water news and information as well as links to current water events.

Rayne of Irvine

Since 1970, Rayne of Irvine has been providing home owners and commercial customers with the highest quality water softeners and drinking water systems in the industry. Located in southern Orange County California, Rayne of Irvine is here to serve your water needs.

Rayne of Phoenix

In 1958, Rayne Water Corporation welcomed Rayne of Phoenix as its second Dealership. It’s been over 50 years and Rayne of Phoenix still provides the best available water softeners and drinking water systems as well as reliable and environmentally-friendly soft water exchange tank service.

Rayne of North County

Rayne of North County is a family-owned and operated Rayne Authorized Dealer located in Vista, CA. For more than 40 years, this family-owned and operated Rayne dealership has excelled in bringing quality products, clean water, and reliable customer service to North County. Residential and Commercial products include; water softeners, water purifiers, RO water systems, portable exchange tank services.

Rayne of San Diego

Thanks to Rayne of San Diego, thousands of San Diegans no longer live with dry itchy skin, unruly hair, spots on shower doors, or have scale build up on fixtures, dishwaters, or in hot water heaters. Since 1955 this Dealership has been providing home water softeners and water treatment systems for home and light commercial use.

Rayne of San Jose

Rayne of San Jose offers a complete line of water softeners and filters that are guaranteed to save you money and help preserve our environment.

Rayne Santa Barbara

Rayne Water Conditioning of Santa Barbara offers several ways to fight the problems created by the hard water we have in our area. We can also help with an alternative to the thousands of plastic drinking water bottles used every year that end up in the land fill – wasting precious resources.

Rayne of Santa Clarita

A community company for over 45 years, Rayne of Santa Clarita has environmentally friendly options for treating hard water. Their water conditioners and portable exchange tank service are approved to treat hard water without affecting the Santa Clara River. Rayne of Santa Clarita’s environmental commitment provides you with eco-friendly choices.

Rayne of Ventura

Rayne Water Conditioning is a family owned and operated company since 1928. We offer many water treatment services a long with some of the best warranties and prices in the Ventura County.

Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing offers full-service, affordable advertising, marketing, web design and development, SEO and media-buying services for small businesses and mid-sized corporations.

US Resin

US Resin has been a leader in the water conditioning industry since 1976, offering resin, filtration medias, portable stainless steel exchange tanks, exchange tank parts, custom made tanks, portable poly glass tanks, and much more. US Resin prides themselves on providing exceptional customer service and delivering quality, top-of-the-line products – on time and within your budget.

Culligan of Italy

The LINX is sold as the Culligan “Innovation” in Italy and the product is prominently featured on Culligan’s website. In Italy, where consumers face unique water treatment parameters, the LINX technology has been nothing short of a breakthrough which is why Culligan of Italy signed up to be an exclusive LINX distributor. In Europe, when consumers treat their drinking water, they must leave at least there (3) grains of hardness in the product water. LINX allowing consumers to dial their water quality is a significant breakthrough. Consumers in Europe finally have a way to get great tasting water in their homes that meets government requirements. Italy’s consumers also face dramatically rising water bills. LINX technology will keep water waste down and help to contain costs.

Vicente Capital Partners

Vicente Capital Partners is a Los Angeles-based investment firm providing equity capital to privately held growth companies across North America. Backed by a premier group of institutional investors, Vicente Capital specializes in both non-control and control equity investments.

Westwater of Lake Havasu

Since 1994, Westwater of Lake Havasu has been providing home owners and commercial customers in Lake Havasu Arizona with the highest quality water softeners in Lake Havasu and water-saving drinking water systems and water filters in the industry. Given the current water conditions in Lake Havasu, we have a limited supply of water. That water can be subject to cutbacks which means we have to use every gallon we have wisely. Westwater’s LINX Drinking Water System delivers RO quality water with a fraction of the water waste.