Woongjin Coway Launching Da Vinci Using LINX® Technology

Pionetics Corporation announces today that the LINX® technology is now an integral part of the new Da Vinci Water Purifier introduced by Woongjin Coway; South Korea’s leading manufacturer of home wellness appliances such as water filtration appliances and air purifiers.

“We at Pionetics are honored to provide the largest supplier of water filtration systems in Korea with LINX technology – to have that technology included in Korea’s newest and most innovative water system. Through the Da Vinci product line, LINX technology will now be available to consumers in Korea,” said H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation.

“When a company like Coway selects LINX technology to be the cornerstone of its Da Vinci water system, it represents a truly significant validation of the LINX technology and its ability to be successfully integrated into other product lines,” said Jessen. He continues, “We hope this innovative use of the technology inspires other companies to explore ways in which the LINX technology can be integrated into – and improve – their products.”

“Our products have had incredible success in the United States, Mexico, Italy and the Middle East. We’re extremely pleased that through the Da Vinci water system, LINX technology will be introduced into the Asian market,” adds Jessen. He continues, “We have always envisioned LINX technology distributed in two ways – directly to consumers via our Dealer Network as a Point-of-Use Water System; or integrated into other systems, as demonstrated in the new Da Vinci product line.”

According to Dr. Eric Nyberg, Chief Technology Officer at Pionetics Corporation, “We worked with Coway for six years developing, testing, and perfecting the method in which they employed the LINX technology in the Da Vinci product. Coway recently placed an order for 2,000 LINX Cartridges for production.”

LINX technology employs the basics of ion exchange technology, but uses electricity for regeneration rather than salt or other chemicals. When compared to Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology, LINX technology achieves comparable filtration results, but without the water waste plaguing RO systems. In sharp contrast, over 70% of the water treated by a LINX Drinking Water System is recovered as healthy, great-tasting drinking water. But what really interested Woongjin Coway, was the unique Dial-A-Taste® capability of LINX technology which controls the mineral content of the product water; effectively allowing the consumer to dial their taste.

Coway recently released this statement, “The continuous electrodeionization technique adopted in the Da Vinci can produce both mineral-free pure water and mineral water depending on the strength of electric power. The new model also improved the water purifier’s sanitary feature by introducing instant cooling and heating technology, thereby eliminating the need for storage tanks for cold and hot water.”

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