Resolve to Conserve Water in 2013 At Your Kitchen Sink

As you approach the New Year, what will your resolution be? This year, why not make a commitment to protect our most precious natural resource – our water supply. That resolution could be the one thing that makes an enduring difference not just in your life, but for generations to come.

Many of the most effective water conservation efforts happen with very little sacrifice or change in lifestyle at all – turning off the water while brushing our teeth, fixing for landscaping and plumbing drips, but how about replacing that old Reverse Osmosis (RO) system with a LINX® Drinking Water System? Many consumers do not realize that in their home, if they use just one (1) gallon of water a day using an RO, they could be wasting up to 6,935 gallons of water in just one (1) year, depending on water usage, feed water pressure, water temperature, and feed water quality. In sharp contrast, a LINX Drinking Water System uses up to 66 times less water than RO depending on feedwater conditions – or roughly only 110 gallons of water a year to regenerate.

While consumers may want to toss their ROs when they hear about their water waste, consumers do not need to go back to untreated tap water. There is a better solution. According to H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation, “New Year’s resolution is an excellent time to commit to preserving our most precious natural resource – water. Replacing your RO with a LINX Drinking Water System allows you to conserve water without sacrificing RO quality or taste.” LINX technology provides consumers with water similar to an RO while providing superior water conservation.

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