Pionetics Takes the Headache Out of Holiday Entertaining

As families across the country prepare for Thanksgiving this week, many are pre-filling water bottles and pitchers from their RO systems to ensure that there is enough filtered water to go around. Pionetics promises you that there are better ways to save time and refrigerator space.

Jessen said “When designing our drinking water system, we recognized the limitations of even the best reverse osmosis systems on the market. RO systems, while very good at providing high-quality drinking water, are unable to provide a readily available supply, especially in peak water usage situations.” In fact, a typical 3-gallon RO tank, if emptied, would not be filled and ready to go again for more than four hours! With the Pionetics LINX® Drinking Water System consumers are no longer left waiting on the coattails of their RO unit, as it slowly refills its tank after each use. As H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation explains, That same 3-gallon tank that took 4 hours to fill with RO would be full in just 6 minutes with the LINX 140 Drinking Water System.

LINX represents the first real advancement in the drinking water technology in 30 years. Gone are the days of pre-filling jugs of water only to have them take up refrigerator space, crowd out the turkey, and waste your time. Now, consumers simply use water as needed.

While Thanksgiving is only days away, holiday entertaining doesn’t end there. Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years all follow, along with all those holiday parties. Once the gifts and decorations have been put away, summer will be right around the corner and it will be time for BBQ’s and picnics. A LINX Drinking Water System will ensure you have virtually unlimited RO-quality water right at your fingertips, no matter the demand.

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