Pionetics Ships its 15,000th LINX® TDS Reduction Cartridge

Pionetics Corporation announces today that is has shipped over 15,000 TDS Reduction Cartridges to dealers and consumer around the globe. The cartridges have been shipped worldwide; roughly one third shipped to Europe, one third to the US, and the remainder to Asia and the Middle East.

“We at Pionetics are thrilled to announce that in just two short years, we have shipped 15,000 LINX TDS reduction cartridges worldwide,” said H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation. Jessen continues, “Whether consumers choose a LINX point-of-use system or a system that incorporates the LINX Technology; around the globe our technology is becoming recognized as providing products with the ability to produce even better water – water that tastes great with less water waste.” Consumers can choose a LINX branded point-of-use system for under the sink or a water cooler, or choose non-LINX branded system that that incorporates LINX Technology into its system’s structure.

At the heart of the LINX innovation resides the LINX TDS cartridge designed for faster flow rates and superior total dissolved solid reduction. The TDS Cartridge is where LINX technology’s revolutionary ion exchange process takes place. Powered by electrodes that charge the water and enhance the exchange of ions, the TDS Cartridge produces no harmful residue. Designed to allow water to easily pass through the sheets, like it does a fish’s gills, the TDS Cartridge requires over 29 times less water than a traditional reverse osmosis filter used under normal working conditions.

To further enhance performance, each authorized LINX Dealer is equipped with a LINX Field Service Assistant (FSA) that can give an instant readout on the performance and status of your LINX drinking water system. The FSA enables the Dealer to reprogram the LINX unit based upon the feedwater quality – further optimizing the quality of water produced and maximizing water recovery rates. Jessen explain, “No other drinking water system on the market today allows installers to customize system performance based upon feedwater quality. This singular ability is having a tremendous impact on our industry, generating a buzz, and stimulating sales worldwide.”

This unique ability to adjust the LINX functionality based upon feedwater quality means that on conditions where feedwater is measured to be below 200 TDS, the water recovery rate can be programmed to be greater than 90%. When the feedwater quality is measured to be incredibly high, the water recovery will be 55%.

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