Pionetics’ New LINX 160 Drinking Water System Removes 99% of Nitrates & Nitrites

Pionetics Corporation announces the LINX 160 Drinking Water System removes Nitrates and Nitrites to Non-Detect levels – effectively removing 99% of these contaminants. Go to our video to see how this technology works.

Nitrates (NO3) and Nitrites (NO2) both occur naturally in nature, in our food and in our water supply; and our body needs them to some extent. Nitrates are used primarily to make fertilizer, explosives and glass while nitrites are used as a preservative in foods. When these two naturally occurring chemicals are ingested in excess, they can cause very dangerous side effects.

While these chemicals will prevent the growth of bacteria, they can be toxic at higher doses and are especially dangerous for infants and children. According to the Environmental Health Investigations Branch, one of the problems with ingesting nitrates/nitrites is that it can cause the hemoglobin in blood to convert to methemoglobin, and this reduces the bloods ability to carry oxygen. This inability to carry the oxygen through the blood is a condition known as Blue Baby Syndrome. Blue Baby Syndrome can cause brain damage and even death.

In adults, this inability to carry the oxygen through the blood can cause dizziness, headaches, irritability and blue tones in the skin. Pregnant women exposed to high levels of nitrates and nitrites can cause intrauterine growth retardation, cardiac defects, and nervous system defects; according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Most poisonings typically occur when these chemicals are ingested in dangerous levels through contaminated well water or municipal water, where nitrate rich fertilizers have leeched into the drinking water supply.

“Farmland areas and well water sources are especially susceptible to contaminates such as nitrates and nitrites,” states H. Martin Jessen, of Pionetics Corporation. “According to a recent study by UC Davis scientists, plants only use half the nitrogen fertilizer that farmers apply. The other half hops a ride on water molecules and percolates down through the soil, eventually making its way into local drinking-water wells-where nitrate contamination can make the water unfit for human consumption. The LINX 160 will reduce Nitrate + Nitrite levels by over 99% – making the water safe for consumption.”

Other sources of nitrates include wastewater treatment plants, runoff from fertilized lawns and cropland, failing on-site septic systems, runoff from animal manure storage areas, and industrial discharges that contain corrosion inhibitors.

Presented below is a table from the LINX 160 Product Data Sheet that is included in the final certification test data illustrating the Nitrate and Nitrites test results:

Specific Contaminant Reduction (1,2,3)







(ave. mg/L)










Nitrate + Nitrite


















(1) This system was tested according to NSF/ANSI 53 reduction of the substance listed above. The concentration of the indicated substance in water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system, as specified in NSF/ANSI 53.

(2) Note: LINX products’ performance depends upon the periodic replacement of the LINX 50 TDS cartridges, LINX 120 sediment filter, and LINX 120 carbon filter as described in the Owner’s Manual.

(3) Average concentrations are the arithmetic mean of all reported influent or effluent concentrations (the detection limit value shall be used for any nondetectable concentrations). The percent reduction shall be calculated from the arithmetic mean of the influent and effluent concentrations.

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