Pionetics Launches the New LINX® 160 Drinking Water System

Pionetics Corporation announces the launch of the new LINX® 160 Drinking Water System. This new system is more compact and economical – offer to dealers at pricing similar to high end RO Systems. This puts LINX systems within the budget of most families.

At the heart of this new system is the LINX TDS reduction cartridge and the proprietary ion exchange process that uses electricity rather than chemicals. The result is a system that uses no harmful chemicals and results in dramatically less water waste than a traditional reverse osmosis (RO) system. To see a video on how this system works, click here. The new LINX 160 makes this superior water system practical for nearly any kitchen and any budget.

“All over the world, consumers are demanding safer, better tasting drinking water, but in increasingly large geographic areas, water shortages are demanding conservation, rendering traditional reverse osmosis systems impractical and irresponsible,” according to H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation. Jessen continues, “Here in America, we’ve felt the water crunch, with many communities enforcing water restrictions, raising water and wastewater rates, contending with diminishing supplies, and seeking out new water sources. That doesn’t mean that we are ready to give up on being able to enjoy – and trust – our water. Most consumers do not realize that in a typical household setting, a traditional RO system can waste nearly 10,000 gallons per year, depending on water usage, feed water pressure and temperature, and feed water quality.”

The new LINX 160 is compact, economical, yet still provides the best TDS removal options as well as the highest nitrate and nitrite removal available in a home drinking water system. The LINX 160 also features the LINX Field Service Assistant, which enables the LINX technician to program the LINX unit based upon the feedwater quality – further optimizing water recovery rates, customizing the system’s performance, and maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

The LINX 160 also includes the patented Dial-A-Taste control available only with LINX technology. The new system uses an easy to use dial that easily allows consumers to control the level of TDS in their water – effectively being able to dial their water taste preferences.

Jessen explains, “Our goal as water treatment experts is to always ask the question, ‘How can we do even better?’ We are proud to say that no other drinking water system on the market allows installers to customize the way the system performs in response to feedwater quality, no other system allows consumers to adjust the taste of their water, and no other system at this level of purification conserves water like a LINX System.”

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