Pionetics® Calls for Immediate, Additional Widespread Water Conservation Efforts to Extend Executive Order by California Governor Brown, to Drive a Healthy, Sustainable Future

The maker of the LINX® Drinking Water System urges action to further the Order’s ‘temporary fixes’ in favor of a commitment to larger-scale conservation efforts

SAN CARLOS, CA – April 30, 2014 – Pionetics, the industry-leading maker of the LINX Drinking Water System, highlights the need for increased conservation efforts and continued action in the wake of the Executive Order passed by California Governor, Edmund G. Brown, Jr., on April 25, 2014.

The Executive Order calls for action to strengthen California’s ability to manage water and the larger habitat more efficiently, and redouble water conservation efforts leading up the state’s impending drought season. The state’s Department of Water Resources and the State Water Resources Control Board are involved to accelerate monitoring efforts and execute habitat restoration projects to help the local areas to weather the difficult season ahead, the Order also serves to:

  • Cut the red tape to speed the approval of voluntary water transfers to assist farmers;
  • Proactively prepare communities for drought survival by providing them with safe drinking water; and
  • Call for widespread resident support to eliminate large-scale hazards to guard against significant fire damage in the dry season.

While the actions noted in the recent Executive Order are moving in a largely positive direction, the industry-leading experts at Pionetics urge a continued emphasis on not just temporary fixes like voluntary water transfers; but call instead for significant change and revolution in water conservation efforts across the state of California and nationwide.

The new and innovative LINX systems deliver great tasting drinking water while producing less wastewater than outdated Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. Developed back in the 1970s and often compared to using an 8-track in your car, experts agree that the RO system is not effective to making a significant, sustainable impact in the ongoing wastewater crisis. Pionetics has long advocated for a concerted push to bring water conservation methods and tools up to the technological standards and capabilities of other aspects of our daily lives to promote a healthier environment through less wastage and contamination.

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