LINX® Systems Expand to Central and South Central Pennsylvania with LH Brubaker Appliances and Water Conditioning

LINX Systems announces LH Brubaker Appliances and Water Conditioning of Pennsylvania as their newest LINX Dealer.

LH Brubaker has been serving customers in Central and South Central Pennsylvania since 1932. Recently staff members at LH Brubaker were looking to expand upon LH Brubaker’s Green Products Line and also wanted to include products that were cutting edge in the industry. One of LH Brubaker’s Sales Representative’s found out about LINX products and presented the product to management. Mr. Tim Lawson, sales manager of LH Brubaker explains, “To test the LINX system, we had one installed in our store since November 2010. The unit supplies a Water Cooler and a faucet at our kitchen sink. The unit has produced 1,063 gallons of water during this time. We are still experiencing a 95% reduction in total dissolved solids (TDS).” Lawson continues, “The performance to date has been far better than we ever anticipated it could be.”

Since installation, LH Brubaker employees have been busy educating customers on the benefits of the LINX Systems and enjoying success stories from delighted customers. One such customer was trying to close on a home that had very high nitrates at 25 parts per million (ppm). After installing a LINX unit, LH Brubaker waited three days and then sampled the treated water. Lawson explains, “The results came back with no nitrates detected and no TDS creep from the unit.”

LH Brubaker employees have also found that when selling upscale refrigerators, consumers are looking for a drinking water system that can provide safe, high quality water to both the kitchen sink and the refrigerator. According to Lawson, “The LINX system has proven to be the item of choice for the Sub Zero and Electrolux brands of refrigerators. The flow rate coming from the system is that good.”

According to H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation, “We could not have asked for a more dedicated partner than LH Brubaker. They recently participated in a LINX Sales Training Session that really helped to inform and energize their people.” Jessen continued, “These training sessions help the staff understand the proprietary features of the LINX systems including the Dial-A-Taste® technology, and service schedules for the patented TDS reduction cartridges. They also helped the sales staff learn how these units can actually conserve water and save money.”

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