Introducing the First Ever, Truly Eco-Friendly Water Cooler

Go Green During National Water Quality Month

Pionetics Corporation announces that companies trying to think and act green during August, National Water Quality Month now have a choice. Pionetics introduces the very first, truly environmentally-friendly, water-cooler solution; switch to a LINX® Water Cooler.

Up until the LINX Water Cooler, there were really only a three options available for businesses looking to provide quality drinking water to employees and customers that was superior to tap water or barely-treated, filtered water; (1) cases of bottled water, (2) 5 gallon water coolers, or (3) point-of-use water coolers (reverse osmosis water coolers).

Clearly businesses have come to understand that buying cases of bottled water is environmentally devastating, costly, and cumbersome.

Businesses are starting to realize that the iconic 5 gallon water cooler wastes both water and petroleum. Bottled water companies use water to clean and treat their 5 gallon bottles and then waste even more water using RO systems to fill the bottles. Then bottled water companies use petroleum to manufacture the plastic water jugs and more petroleum to deliver water bottles, and retrieve the empty ones.

Then in recent years, there has been a shift to point-of-use water coolers (reverse osmosis water coolers) where the water is treated within the cooler rather than treated in a factory and trucked to businesses. What many consumers do not realize is that these reverse osmosis (RO) water coolers waste even more water than 5 gallon water coolers. This animation shows how much water a typical RO system can waste. “Many businesses tried to make the best decision, but up until LINX, there were no other options,” explains H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation.

Now businesses have a truly environmental solution for their water cooler needs. The LINX Water Cooler from Pionetics is a new technology that provides an environmentally friendly way to get virtually unlimited, great-tasting water for your home or office with less than 5% of the waste water from an RO.

“Businesses that use any other system are wasting gallons of water or petroleum for every one gallon of water that they drink. point-of-use RO water coolers eliminate the petroleum aspect of bottled water coolers but because they feature low tech RO systems, they produce only a small percentage drinkable water while dumping huge quantities of water down the drain in the process,” said Jessen.

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