Introducing the Smartest Drinking Water System Ever.

LINX® Evolution Programmable Water Treatment System with Dial-A-Taste and Less Water Waste

San Carlos, CA (March 1, 2010) – Pionetics Corporation introduces the LINX® Evolution Water Treatment System, the smartest drinking water system ever made. LINX Evolution technology is currently available in two applications; Under-the-Sink (shown on the right) and a Water Cooler Module (shown on Page 3).

The revolutionary new LINX Evolution allows for three important and unique features never before offered in a drinking water system:

Significantly less water waste than Reverse Osmosis (up to 90% less), Operates using programmable software and display indicator lights that provide the consumer with detailed system status, and Dial-A-Taste® Control that allows the consumer to customize the taste of their drinking water for more or less mineral content.

The result is that LINX Evolution provides water that is safer, healthier and great-tasting to drink – all while saving thousands of gallons of water each year compared to traditional Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies.

The secret? Electrically Regenerated Ion Exchange! LINX stands for E(L)ectrically Regenerated (I)o(N) E(X)change. LINX Evolution uses traditional flow-through filtration combined with electricity to treat the water. No harmful chemicals are used as in other water treatment systems.

“There is absolutely no technology like this on the market today,” explains H. Martin Jessen, Vice President of Pionetics Corporation. Mr. Jessen continues, “We are taking the POU1 water industry in a new direction offering programmable water treatment technology that performs better than traditional RO because it allows consumers to dial their taste preferences and it has an environmental conscience. Traditional RO wastes up to 27 gallons of water for each gallon consumed using typical household use. This excessive waste is NOT sustainable in today’s world.”

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