LINX® Technology & Your Refrigerator

The perfect union for luxury, reliability, and a great glass of ice water

It’s your kitchen – and whether it was designed to accommodate guests, function as a hard-working gathering place for an active family, or house a studio for your culinary creativity – you’ve carefully selected every fixture and every appliance for its unique features and reliability. Some appliances, like the refrigerator, may add to the luxury and elegance of your kitchen, but don’t forget there are many highly engineered parts to the refrigerator that make it more than an object of show. And, despite the sterling reputations of many high-end refrigerator manufacturers, sometimes adding a simple thing like a LINX Drinking Water System can make that carefully engineered appliance even more luxurious, reliable, and unique. LINX and your refrigerator – We like to think of it as a union that promises total and complete satisfaction.

High End & Sub-Zero Refrigerators

If you’ve chosen a Sub-Zero, you’ve selected a refrigerator that is not only beautiful and elegant, but one that is designed to deliver freshness for decades. But, what if your water set out to destroy your refrigerator and its ability to deliver even a glass of ice water? It’s not only possible, but it happens frequently.

If you’ve elected to plumb tap water to your ice machine and water dispenser, you’re allowing in harsh chemicals like chlorine, bacteria and other biological contaminants, and naturally-occurring elements like nitrates and arsenic. This means you are serving up a very un-luxurious drink to your family and guests, your ice cubes are cloudy, and at the very least, you are clogging up your Sub-Zero’s water filters.

If you’ve chosen to filter your water with a reverse osmosis (RO System), you have chosen to protect your family and your guests by providing high quality drinking water, and that’s a great start. However, most people don’t realize that an RO can actually ruin your refrigerator’s ice-making process. It’s simple – a reverse osmosis can’t make filtered water as fast as your Sub-Zero needs it to make ice. An RO can literally take hours to fill its reserve tank, and it’s only when that tank is full that it can deliver water at full pressure. When the tank is not full pressure decreases, and as the tank nears empty, filtered water is delivered drop by drop. Now, suppose it’s time for your refrigerator to make ice, but you’ve just filled the coffee maker and your kids’ sport bottles – so your RO has just a trickle of water to slowly dribble to the ice maker. What does this mean? It means that the water freezes in the plumbing lines or the water supply valve in the back of your refrigerator before it ever reaches the ice maker – and it also means that you are making a service call to have a technician come out and thaw your lines!

The water line can freeze at the fill port of the ice maker when using an RO, due to the fluctuation of feed pressure to the RO system. The RO needs a minimum of 35psi to work properly. The results of poor pressure means you will have hollow ice cubes due to water flow or no ice at all. High-End Refrigerators require higher pressure to function properly.

Remember that the LINX 140T only needs 20psi to opperate efficiently!

Sub-Zero with LINX® Drinking Water Systems

The best solution? Partner your Sub-Zero with a LINX® Drinking Water System. Not only will a LINX system unite with your refrigerator to deliver crystal-clear ice cubes and healthy, great-tasting water, but because of its patented ion-exchange process, it supplies a constant supply of filtered water at the optimum pressure for your refrigerator. Unlike any other water filtration system on the market, LINX removes dangerous contaminants like nitrates and nitrites to non-detect levels, refills its tanks in mere minutes (rather than hours), wastes a fraction of the water compared to reverse osmosis, and allows you to adjust the mineral content and taste of your water to your particular liking. Partnerships simply don’t get any better than this!