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water supplySupply and demand is one of the basic concepts of any economic theory and California is no stranger to this concept. The last several years, the demand for water has far outstripped California’s supply potential and it is only getting worse. Even with some severe water restrictions put in place for many California communities, the threat of running out of water still looms large. Obviously, the pervasive drought has played a huge part in this ongoing saga, but there are other issues going on as well that Californians need to take into account. • California has an old and inefficient water infrastructure; coupled with poorly managed groundwater supplies and inefficient water usage, it is no wonder that there is a water shortage. • Agriculture demands about eighty percent of the total water supply and while water regulations are in place for other residents and businesses, agriculture regulations have largely been ignored. • Even though the precipitation in California has been way under normal levels, state officials have done little to expand their surface water storage facilities. • California’s groundwater has historically been considered a private commodity and has been poorly managed. With demand as high as sixty percent in some regions, sinkholes have developed as well as seawater intrusion issues. All of these issues are going to need to be addressed before Californians can safely rely on having enough water to sustain them into the future. All efforts made to help conserve water supplies, as well as increasing water efficiency need to be made. As a California based company, we realize the need for conservation and efficiency which is why we are proud to offer one of the most efficient and eco-friendly drinking water treatment systems available. Check out for more information on how we are not only conserving water, but providing some of the best tasting, safest water possible to your home and businesses.