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  Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, L.H. Brubaker Appliances is a family owned and operated business that has been serving a broad area of central and south-central Pennsylvania since 1932. Tim Lawson, the Water Department Sales Manager there, didn’t start out in the water business, but he has certainly come to love what he does. Every day, Tim gets to sell a product that helps others achieve their own wellbeing in life. Tim came across the LINX® Drinking Water System when he was looking through a water purification magazine a few years ago. What really caught his eye was that it was cutting edge technology that stood apart from all the rest. They ordered one for the office. Their goal was to test it and see if it really did perform the way the ad said it would. They ordered the LINX 140 system and once it was installed, they were beyond impressed. Tim recalls, “Not only did it perform exactly like it said it would, but the quality of the water produced was exceptional.” The ability to control the taste of the water with the LINX Dial-A-Taste® system is not only unique; it also proved to be a huge selling point for them. Overtime, they realized that the LINX system is perfect for the high-end appliances they sell in their store. The Sub-Zero refrigerators, for example, are very difficult to hook up to a Reverse Osmosis system and have it work properly; the pressure required for an RO to produce adequate ejections is just too high for a Sub-Zero. They found that the LINX system requires just over half the amount of pressure of an RO; making it ideally suited for install with a Sub-Zero system. In fact, it works so well with Sub-Zero, as well as Electrolux refrigerators, that about 99.9 percent of the time, when they sell one of those refrigerators, they also sell a LINX system to go with it. Tim also believes that in addition to the ideal water pressure and ability to dial your taste; with the push for water conservation and tougher regulations on salt discharge, being able to offer the LINX system sets you apart from everyone else. In fact, it is the now famous, “Insane Water Waste” video on Pionetic’s website and YouTube Channel that tends to pique a lot of consumers’ interests for LINX Systems. Tim says they get several calls a week just from consumers who saw that video and want to learn more about RO systems, water waste, and what the LINX System can do to save water. Oddly, Tim got a call just two weeks ago from a large corporation in New Jersey, who bought nine LINX systems outright simply from watching the videos about the products on Pionetics® YouTube Channel. Also setting him apart are Tim’s core values; (1) We are judged by our actions, not our intentions, (2) Do the right thing, even when it is not easy, and (3) Be better today than you were yesterday. Tim firmly believes, “It is up to you whether you have a good day or a bad day, it is what you make of it.” He is an easy going guy, who can and does talk to anybody, sometimes to the chagrin of his family. “If I think someone wants to have a conversation, I’ll strike one up; you never know what you might learn!” Tim believes that his greatest achievement in life was finding his wife; they fell in love over warm brownies. They have been married for almost 25 years and have three wonderful children. He loves spending time with his family and even manages to squeeze in some time at the gym with his twins twice a week and a round of golf every now and again.