• Dial-A-Taste® Control
  • Uses 90% less water than RO
  • Uses programmable software
  • Indicator lights for detailed
    system status

LINX Drinking Water Systems Available in San Antonio

Your local LINX Dealer is delighted to bring you the most innovative drinking system ever – the new LINX 160. This new line of drinking water systems offers consumers the great, fresh taste that comes with a traditional reverse osmosis system but the LINX system does so while utilizing electricity rather than chemicals.

The technology within the LINX systems allow consumers to enjoy three key features not offered by traditional RO systems:

  • The Dial–A–Taste® feature allows costumers to adjust the mineral content of their water

  • Due to the conserving nature of the LINX Technology, LINX consumers save 1000’s of gallons of water every year when compared to the leading RO system

  • Each LINX system is equipped with indicator lights which notify consumers when filters need to be changed or if maintenance is needed

In addition to the convenient features consumers get with a LINX drinking water system, they also benefit from an endless supply of clean, great tasting water. The tank fills in only minutes and the system only requires as much electricity as it takes to toast a bagel. We offer LINX Drinking Water Systems for purchase or rent. Call LINX of San Antonio today to begin enjoying Your Water – You Way.

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The New Great Taste Less Waste Filtered Drinking Water

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The New Bottleless Water Cooler. Great Taste Less Waste

The Edwards Aquifer

The Edwards Aquifer is one of the most prolific artesian aquifers on Earth, and is a very unique groundwater system. Meeting the needs of the diverse agricultural, recreational, industrial, and domestic needs of south central Texas, the Edwards Aquifer is one of the most substantial natural resources in the world. San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the United States, is positioned on the edge of the aquifer. Water from the Edwards is the reason 18th century Spanish missionaries were able to construct footholds like the Alamo on this New World frontier. For more than two centuries San Antonio and many other cities, from Bracketville to Austin, have been able to flourish without developing surface water or other water resources because of the Edwards Aquifer. Unfortunatly, in recent decades the demand for water in the region has increased well beyond what the aquifer is capable of providing. Due to the elevated demand, there are increased concerns about the welfare of endangered species in additon to regional economies that depend on the aquifer’s spring flows. For these reasons, water users in the region have been forced to face though regulations in order to conserve water.

Stage II Drought Declared in San Antonio

The Board of Directors at the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District declared a Stage II Alarm Drought for the South Central Texas region in November of 2012. Four months later, the drought declaration continues to affect over 60,000 groundwater users throughout Travis, Caldwell, and Hayes Counties. The Conservation District declared the stage II alarm drought due to the springflow at Barton Springs as well as the the Lovelady Monitor Well, in the Edwards Aquifer, dipping below its alarm level of 478.4 feet above sea level. With this drought declaration comes specific monthly pumpage reduction requirements in an effort to achieve at least a 20% reduction in monthly water use. To accomplish this, The Conservation District has required groundwater customers to comply with specific water restrictions such as limiting outdoor water use, refraining from pool filling and re-filling, minimizing landscape irrigation, and other non-essential water use such as decorative fountains.

LINX Drinking Water Systems Use Up To 33% Less Water Than Reverse Osmosis!

LINX of San Antonio is confident our LINX Drinking Water Systems can help groundwater customers achieve this reduction of water use. With a LINX Drinking Water System, San Antonio residents can save thousands of gallons of water per year when compared to a traditional reverse osmosis (RO) system. Independent studies have shown that an RO filter can waste more than 92% of its feed water under normal household conditions. In other words, if you consume only one gallon of drinking water a day, you can save over 4,000 gallons* of water in one year using a LINX Drinking Water System. Our LINX Drinking Water Systems are offered as an under-the-sink unit or as a water cooler, making it convenient for your home or business. Contact Us today to learn more about how you can help conserve water.

*Assumes typical household conditions with water pressure of 40 PSI and tap water temperatures of 64°. To learn more about the severe drought in the San Antonio area, click here.

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We are proud to offer the most innovative technology in drinking water systems and hope to help reduce the use of environmentally unfriendly bottled water. Call us today to find out more!

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