Blog > Don’t Become a Victim of Water Filter False Advertising!

There are a multitude of water filters on the market today, and it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which one is right for your individual drinking water situation. Performance is by far the most important consideration when choosing your water filter, but even that can be tainted by false advertising and false claims. So the question is, “How do you weed out mediocre filters and find the best performing filtration system?” California has done a remarkable job of sorting out these subpar systems by implementing the State of California Water Treatment Device Registration Program. This program ensures that any water filtration system sold in California has been independently evaluated and tested to reduce contaminants as claimed by the packaging. Their registration program monitors the marketplace for illegal sales of devices, as well as misleading advertisements for ANY water treatment system. It is equally important to consider what contaminants are in your water when choosing a water filtration system. High nitrate levels in water is a problem that plagues many portions of the United Sates; unfortunately not all water systems filter out nitrates as well as they should. Our LINX ® 160 Drinking Water System, for example, has the distinction as being the first device certified by the Water Quality Association to reduce nitrate contamination to NON-DETECT levels. In order to receive this certification it was tested and used for nitrate reduction in California. Arsenic is another common, but dangerous, contaminate in water. Some systems claim to reduce arsenic, but in fact can only reduce arsenic-V not arsenic-III. Arsenic III is more toxic to humans and is more difficult to reduce; finding a system that will reduce both types of arsenic is important. We know how vital clean, healthy water, free of harmful contaminants is for your wellbeing, so don’t just take a company’s “performance claims” at face value. Take the time to look them up and check to see if they have been certified by the Water Quality Association or NSF International. Certainly if you live in the state of California, go to their EPA website for their current listings of devices registered for sale. It is a great resource for non-California residents as well; you can be assured that all the water treatment systems listed, have been thoroughly vetted and do what they claim to do.