Blog > Could reverse osmosis be removing too much from your water?

A traditional reverse osmosis drinking water system does not know what to leave in your water and what not to leave in there when it comes to what minerals your body needs. It doesn’t know what your body can live with and live without. What if there was a way to keep minerals your body could benefit from in your water? Would you choose to control mineral content? Unlike our Dial-A-Taste® feature, traditional drinking water systems remove all nearly all minerals from your tap water. Although calcium is recommended for bone strength, researchers also found a correlation between magnesium and hip fractures, one of the minerals that drinking water systems tend to remove. Recent articles published in both The University Herald and found research that links magnesium-rich drinking water to reduced hip fractures. One source states that a Norwegian study has found links between bone strength and magnesium and although it is the first time that this link has been drawn between the two factors, researchers are now encouraging magnesium-rich dolomite in tap water. They suggest that hundreds of hip fractures could be prevented each year by simply adding magnesium to drinking water. In fact, public health experts in Norway, where drinking water varies in quality widely, pointed out that in areas where tap water contained magnesium both men and women suffered less hip fractures. In order to keep magnesium in your tap water, you’d have to do without filtering because most drinking water systems do not allow you to choose what is removed. Are you willing to risk living without a water filter so you can have magnesium in your drinking water? Our LINX drinking water systems can offer you the benefits of being able to control mineral content. Our technology allows you to control how much mineral content you allow in your water to control both taste and your health. Since adding magnesium to drinking water could prevent hip fractures and help keep strong bones, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our mineral content control features. It is one more reason why our drinking water systems are one step ahead of the game.