Blog > California Drought Still a Burden

The drought in California has seemed to go on forever. For outsiders, you often hear updates in the news about the concerns officials and experts have about water quantity, reserves and quality. But for those of us living it, we know that even with the hope that El Niño brought with the rain this year, the impact of this major drought is still far from gone. And after a rainy season which did help increase some of our water reserves, it was far from the answer to our problems. It is as important today as it was in the worst of the drought situation to continue to conserve water and choose eco-friendly home drinking water systems which waste less and filter more. We are far from the end even today. The Sierra snowpack is critical to the state since much of the water used here in California throughout the year comes from the slow melting of the snow in the early spring. When the snow melts enough runoff, we can sustain water for that year. Combine that with El Niño rains and you’d think we’d be all set, right? Well, things have recently taken a different turn… for the worse. The pace of the melting snowpack has slowed and the once very encouraging rain forecasts have also seemed to come to a halt. March weather has shifted and so has our drought recovery. These dry conditions are still putting a lot of pressure on our reserves and our water-using habits. The hope of a normal year without drought is disappearing just like the snowpack and the burdens we face are as real as ever. A recent article in the NY Times mentions the three-week dry spell – something only the Southwest has probably even realized. This dry spell has left the California snowpack at just 83 percent of average, snow surveyors found Tuesday, a setback for the state as it tries to break out of record drought. We depend on this for a third of our water! Warm temperatures in Southern California have not helped in the drought recovery either. Our drought recovery must continue for now with our practices indoors and outdoors. We must continue to find ways to conserve drinking water and water for landscaping just as we have for the last four very-dry and difficult years.  Choosing water systems that waste less water to filter at home is important. Everyone deserves quality drinking water, but we also deserve products that can help support our drought recovery and reduce water waste. Learn more about our products and how they support the current drought recovery process.