FamilyPionetics is proud to offer superior products and outstanding warranties. Our Dealers are some of the best in the industry, providing tireless 24/7 customer service. But don’t take our word for it! Read some testimonials from our existing customers below.

“The LINX system out performed all the other systems tested.”

John Van Newenhizen, President Van Newenhizen and Associates, Inc.,

“The (LINX 140T) supplies a water cooler and a faucet at our kitchen sink. The unit has produced 1,063 gallons of water during this time. We are still experiencing a 95% reduction in total dissolved solids (TDS). The performance to date has been far better than we ever anticipated it could be.”

Tim Lawson, LH Brubaker

“We here at 4 Star Electronics have been using and enjoying our new LINX Water units for almost 3 months now.Our employees are enjoying the taste of the water and from an administration stand point we are enjoying the extra space that the table top units have provided in our office and of course the extensive cost savings we have received compared to what we were paying for our water service prior to using Rayne Water. From set up to maintenance, our experience with Rayne Water and their associates has been extremely and professional and a very pleasant.”

4 Star Electronics,San Clemente, CA

“We actually love the taste and will keep the system as long as we can. The tap water is horrible and you can tell a big difference with the system. The dial is a cool feature but we don’t use it because it tastes good just the way it is. Now-a-days any water we can save the better, I just love that this system is more eco-friendly because every little bit helps. I know I’m doing my part.”

Marie P., El Cajon, CA

“Our testing shows systems like the LINX 140T have the ability to produce a gallon of product water creating as little as 0.388 gallons of waste…(with) just one gallon used per day, this represents a potential savings of over 1000 gallons per year verses a conventional home RO system.”

John Van Newenhizen, President Van Newenhizen and Associates, Inc.,

“These (LINX) units strike a chord with southern California consumers… (now) they can buy or lease a unit that is technologically superior to an RO and save significantly more water in the process.”

Bob Hickey, Rayne Corporation’s California Regional Manager

“Just wanted to let you know I’m very pleased with the Rayne Evolution drinking water unit that you installed in my home.  The quality of the water is great and the flow out of the faucet is much better than the previous system we had for years.  Thank you again for being such a professional company from the installation to the end product being used in my home.”

Russell T., Santa Clarita, CA