Simple to Use

a Man and a LINX Water CoolerOnce your authorized dealer has installed your High Efficiency (HE) LINX Drinking Water System and you have set your Dial-A-Taste to your preferred mineral content level, there is nothing else for you to worry about. All LINX Drinking Water Systems are self-regulating and can alert you when service is needed.

Each LINX water treatment system is built with a regeneration process that reverses the polarity of the electrodes and flushes out the unwanted ions straight to the drain.

There is no need to worry about when your filter needs replacing. Your authorized dealer will schedule a regular annual visit to check up on the performance of your HE LINX unit. Each authorized dealer is equipped with their own LINX Field Service Assistant that can give an instant readout on the performance and status of your LINX drinking water system.

Each unit has a series of LED lights that indicate a system performance status: when the system is producing filtered water, when the unit is going through its regeneration process or if any component parts such as the TDS Cartridge, or filters need replacing.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your LINX Drinking Water System your LINX authorized dealer is just a telephone call or email away.