Better Tasting:

Have your water your way with LINX Water’s Dial-A-Taste Mineral Level Control

Strawberries and WaterLINX High Efficiency Drinking Water System’s unique patent protected Dial-A-Taste feature lets you adjust the mineral level content of your drinking water at the turn of a dial. Located at the front of the unit a simple clockwise turn of the dial will increase the mineral content of your drinking water, allowing you to adjust your water to your own taste requirements.

LINX Dial-A-Taste Controls

As the dial is turned, the blue and red LEDs will light-up for several seconds to indicate the mineral reduction level selected. When the dial is turned completely counter clockwise all four LEDs will be lit indicating that the lowest mineral level has been selected giving you water that has more than 85% of the total dissolved solids filtered out of it and providing you with a clear odorless, flat water good for cooking. Two lit LEDs indicate the middle level of mineral reduction has been selected, three LEDs mean the second lowest level of reduction and no LEDs indicate the highest mineral level has been set giving you a naturally flavored mineral taste. At the highest level, when no LEDs are lit your TDS reduction will be at approximately 70%.

If you decide to adjust the taste of your water from a level that has already been selected for your system, the 3 gallon storage tank must be emptied and refilled before the taste change can be detected.

When treating water comprising a high degree of regulated contaminants such as lead, the Dial-A-Taste control should be set fully counter-clockwise to maximize reduction of the contaminant. For a list of certified contaminants filtered by the LINX water system click here.