Affordable Purchase Options

Student and Water

Buy or Lease the choice is yours

Most people who use a High Efficiency (HE) LINX Drinking Water System are so impressed with the great tasting water it dispenses, they can’t live without it. Given that all LINX systems come with a limited lifetime warranty, purchasing a LINX System makes a lot of sense.

However, for less money than your cable bill, you can have your own HE LINX Drinking Water System installed in your house or office. So, whether you want to buy your system outright or rent a unit, the choice is yours. Contact your dealer today to see what program best suits your budget.

The Savings Add Up

In 2009 Americans consumed the equivalent of 1.2 billion bottles of water per week per person, at the cost of $21 billion*. That means a typical family of four spent approximately $260 a year. Given the typical purchase and installation cost of a High Efficiency LINX unit, the savings a family of four will generate from no longer having to buy bottled water will mean that their LINX Drinking Water System will pay for itself in less than five years. What’s even better, the more water your family uses, the more money they will save. So contact your authorized LINX dealer today to discuss your family’s needs.

*The Big Thirst, Charles Fishman, Published by Simon & Schuster April 2011