History of Drinking Water Systems

Since the beginning of time, the search for clean, healthy water has been a priority of all of mankind. We have chronicled some of the more significant events for you in the following timeline. We invite you to submit dates and events to you would like to see added using the form at the bottom of this page.

From the timeline, it is apparent that, since the 70s the Water Treatment Industry has stood still, while technology made incredible progress, the world’s population nearly doubled, and water demand grew – but the amount of potable water has not changed.

What would Steve Jobs or other technology innovators do with the water treatment industry? Where would we have been today if our industry was led by innovators?

The High Efficiency (HE) LINX drinking water system represents one of the greatest leaps forward in the drinking water industry since the RO was introduced. It provides similar quality water as RO and at about the same cost, but with greatly reduced water wastage. As a plus, LINX Systems provide features not previously available in a drinking water system, providing consumers with amazing benefits.  

Drinking Water Today

Today LINX(R) Technology delivers healthy great-tasting water without the waste!

Every once in a while, a major breakthrough in drinking water comes along, but it isn’t often. In fact, it’s been over 45 years since the last major improvement – the residential RO system. In 45 years, a lot has changed in technology – you’ve probably gone from a rotary-dial telephone to a smart phone, from an 8-track tape player to Slacker Radio, from a rather large “pocket calculator” to an Ipad.

But, what about your drinking water filter? Are you still using the 1960’s version?

LINX Technology brings you the very latest in commercial and residential drinking water filtration. Unlike the old RO System, LINX HE Drinking Water Systems are environmentally responsible, simple to use, and fully customizable to accommodate your water-taste preferences and feed water quality. In fact, there are many features to the LINX Drinking Water System that are not available in any other drinking water system on the market:

  • Significantly less water waste than Reverse Osmosis (RO) – see the video Insane Water Waste,
  • Operates using programmable software and display indicator lights that provide the consumer with detailed yet simple information about the system status,
  • Dial-A-Taste® Control that allows the consumer to customize the taste of their drinking water for more or less mineral content.
  • Virtually unlimited drinking water supply.
  • Field Service Assistant which enables the technician to reprogram the LINX unit based on feedwater quality, further optimizing water recovery rates, customizing the system’s performance, and maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Simplicity of installation and servicing of the equipment.

You’ve already moved into modern times, so why not bring your family’s drinking water up to date as well? Excessive water waste, questionable filter life and limited water availability are all a thing of the past. Call today to learn how LINX Technology can bring your under-the-counter water filter, water cooler, or commercial water application up to date.