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Less Waste

High Efficiency LINX
Drinking Water Systems
save water, save money,
and save time.

Cleaner & Healthier

LINX Technology provides
three layers of protection
when filtering contaminants
from your water.

Better Tasting

LINX Dial-A-Taste® let’s
you decide how your
water tastes!

The LINX Drinking Water Systems Product Line

Pionetics’ line of High Efficiency (HE) water coolers and drinking water systems represent the most technologically advanced water treatment systems available today. The primary difference between our water filters is the size of the unit, but regardless of which water filtration system you choose, you can be assured that with a LINX Drinking Water System, you are making the most environmentally responsible choice.

LINX 140 Drinking Water System – The HE LINX 140 system, featuring LINX TDS reduction technology and proprietary ion exchange process, brings you a water filter that delivers practically unlimited water, Dial-A-Taste® Control, easy-to-use programmable software and display indicator lights, and an exceptional warranty – all while reducing water waste (as compared to a reverse osmosis system) by up to 90%!

LINX 160 Drinking Water System – Our most compact and affordable model, the LINX 160 system is small enough to fit under nearly any kitchen sink and within any budget. The LINX 160 drinking water system produces an ample 25-40 gallons of water a day, refilling the tank much faster than an RO. While the LINX 160 is smaller, it still offers the same quality performance and features as the LINX 140. Click here to see a video of how this system works.

LINX Bottleless Water Cooler – The High Efficiency LINX Bottleless Water Cooler is the definition of simplicity and quality. Unlike old-fashioned water coolers, the LINX system employs cutting-edge ion exchange process that uses electricity rather than chemicals for operation. This allows the LINX Bottleless Water Cooler to clean itself through a regeneration process, saving you the stress of storing and exchanging those enormous water bottles. LINX technology does not release chemicals into the environment and it conserves water compared to traditional reverse osmosis drinking water systems that provide similar water quality.

All of the LINX Drinking Water Systems, include these patented features:

  • Dial-A-Taste® control – This feature allows consumers to control the level of mineral content in their water – effectively being able to dial in their water taste preferences. LINX 140 and LINX 160 systems also feature a new, easy-to-use dial.

  • The highest nitrate and nitrite reduction available in drinking water systems! LINX is the first device certified to reduce nitrate and nitrite contamination to NON-DETECT levels in independent laboratory testing. The LINX three-filter system includes a sediment filter that reduces suspended solids or cloudiness, the LINX TDS Cartridge – WQA certified under NSF standards to remove more nitrates and nitrites than a traditional reverse osmosis filter – and the post carbon filter for reducing volatile organic compounds such as chlorine and benzene. Read more.

  • All of our systems employ ion regeneration, a unique cleaning process that maintains the quality of your drinking water and automatically cleans your cartridges meaning you don’t have to worry about the quality of your water or use harsh chemicals.

  • Best of all, LINX systems guarantee significantly less water waste than Reverse Osmosis (RO) – see our video Insane Water Waste. Water savings of more than 90% on your filtered drinking water compared to traditional reverse osmosis filters used under typical household conditions. To read an independent study on the LINX systems’ water conservation abilities, click here.